Invisalign Creates New Smiles, Reaches 4 Millionth Patient


When you meet someone for the first time, your smile is one of the things they will remember about you. That’s why so many people throughout the world have invested time and money to ensure that their smiles are beautiful. By capitalising on that market for lovely smiles, Align Technology has enjoyed significant success during the past few years. In fact, the company’s clear aligner system, Invisalign, reached 4 million patients in September of 2016.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is currently the most advanced clear aligner system worldwide. Its technology gently and gradually corrects crooked teeth, following a timeline very similar to that of traditional braces. In contrast to the regular wires and brackets, however, Invisalign boasts clear aligners that are practically invisible. It is this near invisibility that appeals to so many people. Teens love it because they can sidestep the social stigma and bullying that sometimes comes with wearing braces. Adults and even the elderly love it because they can continue to achieve their professional goals and move in social circles without the distraction of crooked teeth or braces. Instead, their teeth are effectively corrected using Invisalign’s “barely there” technology. 

Invisalign Takes Off

The rate of acceleration for Invisalign has been quite dramatic. After reaching the first million patients, Invisalign saw a significant jump in patient signups. In just half the time it took to get to one million users, Invisalign hit the 4 million mark, that includes the many patients who have experienced the benefits of Invisalign in Singapore. Much of that success is due to Invisalign’s purported 20 years of research and innovation, all pointed towards the goal of providing an effective, subtle method for correcting a person’s smile.

Meet the 4 Millionth Patient


Matthew Webb, a patient of Dr. Graham Tinkler, has the honour of being Invisalign’s 4 millionth patient. He visits the Bupa Dental Centre in London for his dental checkups. Align Technology plans to feature him in an Invisalign ad campaign called “One in Four Million,” which will follow his journey to a brand-new smile. 

As more and more patients experience positive results with the system, the words spreads around the globe. You’ll find Invisalign in Singapore now, available at your local Singapore dental clinic, Orchard Scotts Dental. 

Designed to Make a Difference

Another reason for the dramatic success of Invisalign in Singapore and other countries is the level of new technology that is implemented in the process. The clear aligners are custom-made for every patient, using 3D software technology, biomechanics research, and a unique customisation process that ensures the perfect fit for safe, optimal tooth adjustment. The result is a thin, transparent set of clear aligners that are much more aesthetically pleasing than braces. 

While some patients may need some additional hardware or treatment to correct severe issues with the jaw, palate, or other parts of the mouth, many people are able to benefit from Invisalign. The technology can correct a variety of problems, from crooked lower teeth and misaligned bites to large gaps between front teeth. Instead of dreading each visit to the orthodontist, patients claim that they are excited by their progress and they don’t mind going back for the checkups and adjustments. 

Invest in Your Smile

Are you dissatisfied with your teeth? Invest in this important feature of your face today! Contact us at Orchard Scotts Dental, one of the best Invisalign dentists in Singapore. We’ll schedule a consultation and help you determine whether these clear aligners could be the answer to your wish for a smile makeover

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