General Dentistry

Patient-centric general dentistry is at the core of our practice. We listen first, and treat later. Pay a visit to one of our friendly dentists and find one that you’re comfortable with for life.

YOur Dental Well-Being IS Our Priority

As the adage goes: prevention is better than cure. At Orchard Scotts Dental we are advocates of excellent dental well-being. Nothing makes us happier than to join our patients on their journeys of dental health.

Regular general dental services such as scaling and polishing, dental fillings, x-rays and crowns are rendered by our team of dentists and oral health therapists. With regular follow ups, we ensure that your oral health is maintained.

Like they say, the best time to start was when you were a child, but the next best time is today! Check out our Smile Care package to ensure long term follow ups for life.

Infection Control For Your Safety

Infectious diseases spread through blood and body fluids like saliva. The first step for adequate infection control is to ensure that our patients do not come into contact with someone else’s body fluids – ever. For your safety, all our clinical staff members wear disposable safety masks, gloves and disposable scrub uniforms.

We sterilize all our instruments in a Melag Class B autoclave (steriliser) that surpasses standards recommended by the Ministry of Health. All of our tools are either medical-grade steel or titanium which can tolerate sterilization under high pressure at 134° Celsius, ensuring they are clean at all times.

Going The Extra Mile For Your Comfort

We understand that some patients may be apprehensive about treatment, that’s why we provide the following to make your dental experience a pleasant one:

Reduced X-Rays

Our digital X-Ray equipment reduces radiation by 75%, and we can identify problems early and safely, thus reducing treatment time and discomfort.

Wireless Headsets

For your listening pleasure and comfort, we also provide wireless headsets.

Neck Pillows and Blankets

We have on-brand ‘Tempur’ neck pillows to ensure proper neck support during treatment. In addition, our dental chairs feature customised padding to provide more comfort during lengthy procedures or treatments. We will keep you warm with our flannel blankets should you feel chilly during treatments.


To help you relax during lengthy procedures, please feel free to ask for our selection of essential oils.


Please feel free to help yourself at our beverage corner.

Take a Pause, Whenever You Need

Let us know if you need anything else to be comfortable. You are welcome to let us know anytime if you need a pause during treatment

General Dentistry CosT

Every smile is unique. So is every budget.

We begin the dental implants treatment process with a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone. During this comprehensive visit, we can determine which preliminary procedures are needed before dental implants can be safely and successfully placed. Dental implant cost is finalized based on what we find in these evaluations.

Consultation from $50 - $100

Price excluding GST

Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening Cost

  • Number of teeth needing replacement
  • Location of missing teeth
  • Number and type of restoration
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth extractions
  • Gum disease treatment

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Same-Day Dental Crown faq

The clear aligners do a similar job to the traditional metal braces (but they’re transparent and much more comfortable). The aim of the aligners is to gently put force on the teeth so that the alignment of one or more is changed. Each aligner is designed specifically for the patient and to address their particular problem area. Depending on the progress being made, aligners will have to be changed every few weeks to continue getting teeth into the actual position that they need to be in.
Wearing Invisalign aligners correctly is probably the most important factor for the effectiveness of your treatment. As per general recommendations, you have to wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. You can take the aligners off to eat, drink and have them properly cleaned. When done, however, do put the aligners back on. Also, keep in mind that the use of a retainer after you’re done with your aligner is an essential to help your teeth maintain the brand new position.

The short answer is no. Some people could experience a bit of discomfort over the first few days of each treatment stage. This is normal. The feeling, however, isn’t painful – most people describe it as pressure. This pressure means that your Invisalign aligners are doing their job and getting teeth closer to their correct position. 

Yes! In fact, dentists who with Invisalign in Singapore often get such cases.

A medical-grade thermoplastic material is used to give you custom aligners that are precisely shaped for your mouth and for the specifics of the problem you’re attempting to address.

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