For beautifully aligned teeth without metal braces.
For a perfect smile
redesigned for confidence.


For a well balanced gumline
so no more gummy smile!



Aesthetic Dental Services for
an Inspired Life – Starting with a
Beautiful Smile

The smile architects at Orchard Scotts Dental (OSD) create beautiful smiles with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, producing beautiful results that inspire the confidence to live better. The holistic approach of our cosmetic dental clinic not only focuses on restoring oral functionality but also enhances and balances the appearance of your smile and facial features


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Our Best-Selling Products

Using the right tools on a daily basis helps you maintain and enhance your new smile. We carefully selected and packaged products we believe are the most effective to keep smiles sparkling. You can also choose from a range of oral hygiene aids designed for optimum general dental health – keeping your teeth and gums free from plaque that cause cavities and gum disease

Why Orchard Scotts Dental?



We believe that a beautiful smile is a precious gift everyone deserves, and we create attractive smiles by restoring balance between the teeth, gums, lips and overall facial structure.

OSD cosmetic dentistry specialists regard their craft as an art as well as a science. This means you can expect optimum results from smile-enhancing treatments in the hands of experts who understand how oral structures affect your facial appearance.



We keep up to speed with innovations in dental aesthetic technology such as laser dentistry and computer-aided design and manufacture. This enables us to provide the best possible patient experience, with impressive aesthetic results and many oral health benefits.

Modern dental technology also enables us to offer treatments such as same-day crowns, implants to replace missing teeth, clear plastic appliances to straighten teeth, and dental veneers that hide minor imperfections.



We focus on non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, and are committed to minimizing discomfort and extractions.

You’ll get a warm welcome at our friendly dental centers, which are designed to put you at ease, and we’re happy to answer any questions about your treatment. We also provide sedation dentistry to allow more nervous patients to relax – we are experienced in treating clients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Our Centers

We fix multiple cosmetic oral issues with a suite of modern aesthetic dental treatments provided at two adjacent dental clinics in Orchard. These centers foster a friendly, relaxed atmosphere – one focusing on teeth straightening, and the other on replacing teeth.

Clear aligner center

Our Clear Aligner Center specializes in Invisalign clear aligners – our preferred alternative to traditional braces.

As well as straightening mis-aligned teeth, our Invisalign treatments also resolves other issues that such as gapped or overcrowded teeth and bite irregularities.

Aesthetics and Implant Center

This is the place where we focus on the whole aesthetic aspect of how dental structures affect overall facial appearance.

Besides dental implant teeth replacements, we provide a raft of smile makeover signature services such as teeth whitening, crowns and gum reshaping.


July 1, 2020

We've used OSD for the last five years. I'm good to go. If you aren't sure, always go for OSD

July 1, 2020

Thanks for the great service. Invisalign has got everything I need. Invisalign is worth much more than I paid

July 1, 2020

We were treated like royalty. You guys rock! I'd be lost without OSD Invisalign.

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